Drugs and You: Life Check

It can be tough to keep the balance right with drugs. If you want to check where you are at with drugs in your life, answer these quick questions.

At the end you’ll get a summary that can help you work out if if there are any changes you want to make in your life.

Drugs and you

  1. How often, roughly, do you use recreational drugs?

  2. How much of your time when socialising with friends is spent doing drugs?

  3. How often have you missed work or social arrangements with friends or family because of your drug use?

  4. £
  5. How happy are you with your sex life at the moment?

  6. How much of the sex you have involves using drugs?

  7. How likely is it that you will take the risk again?

  8. Have you ever been hospitalised, knocked unconscious or needed medical attention because of your drug use?

  9. How in control do you feel of your drug use and the decisions you make?

  10. Where you want to be

  11. Ideally, how often would you like to take recreational drugs?

  12. Ideally, how much of your sex would you like to be without the use of drugs?

  13. Would making any of the changes below help to improve your relationship with drugs? Try and choose three to start with. You can add two of your own as well:

    I'd like to limit my drug taking to:
    Only doing drugs on weekends
    Only keep going for one night when doing drugs
    Only doing drugs with friends
    Only doing drugs on special occasions or events
    Having at least one weekend off for every weekend on
    Taking a break from drugs
    I'd like to quit drugs completely

    It would help me manage my drug taking better if I:
    Stop keeping drugs in the house
    Delete dealer contacts I have
    Book weekends away and see friends or family who aren’t using drugs
    Spend some time doing new hobbies or things I’ve wanted to do
    Make sure I get a full night's sleep before work
    Talk to someone to get some help
    Making sure I have enough HIV meds on me when going out

    I'd like to be safer with drugs by:
    Not injecting drugs
    Only injecting with fresh/clean equipment
    Avoiding crystal meth
    Avoiding GBL
    Reduce the amount of G I do in a shot and increasing how long I wait between, to avoid passing out or going under
    Making sure I write the time of every G shot down, or use a timer

    I'd like to feel better about sex by:
    Avoiding situations where people are not using condoms
    Meeting guys in situations that don’t involve drugs
    Meeting guys I feel I have a geniune connection with
    Avoiding certain websites or apps
    Avoiding saunas
    Avoiding group sex situations
    Using condoms more often
    Using gloves when fisting

    Add your own:
    Add your own:
  14. Do you feel able to make any of the changes with drugs and sex that you’d like to make?

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