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What the Government can do

12 Things

Terrence Higgins Trust's main lobbying agenda is contained in '12 Things the Government can do' (published September 2013).

These are 12 goals for changes in legislation or guidance that we believe would make a great impact on the lives of people with HIV or those in at-risk groups:

  1. Give all young people good sex and relationships education
  2. Halve undiagnosed and late diagnosed HIV
  3. Ensure benefits assessments fairly consider the needs of people with HIV and other fluctuating conditions
  4. Raise awareness and understanding of HIV in mainstream health and social care
  5. Run a national sexual health campaign for young people
  6. Vaccinate boys against HPV
  7. End prescription charges for people living with HIV
  8. Make sex work healthier and safer
  9. Reform the laws on assault so that only intentional transmission of HIV/STIs is prosecuted
  10. Maintain free primary care for all
  11. Improve sexual health in prisons and detention centres
  12. Review the lifetime ban on blood donations from former sex workers and injecting drug users.

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