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Consultation responses

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The Government has stated its commitment to effective consultation which is targeted at, and easily accessible to, those with a clear interest in the policy in question.

Effective consultation brings to light valuable information which the Government can use to help design and refine its policies. Effective consultation helps the Government to make informed decisions on matters of policy, to improve the delivery of public services, and to improve the accountability of public bodies.

Terrence Higgins Trust regularly responds to Government consultations on policies directly related to HIV and sexual health. We also respond to government consultations more generally to represent the voices of people who are living with HIV and affected by other sexual health issues.

We want to respond

Usually, we are contacted directly by Government and NHS organisations seeking our views. We try to respond to all relevant consultations and welcome your views on proposed government polices and our responses.

Recent consultations

The consultations we have responded to are listed according to category. Please note that our responses to government consultations refer directly to the original government proposals - you can see those proposals and our responses by following the links. Our responses are not an overall statement of Terrence Higgins Trust's policy, but specifically address issues arising from the proposals.



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