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How we work with governments

Westminster parliament building

Our policy and campaigns team works with governments, civil servants and other key decision makers across Scotland, England and Wales to ensure that the voices of people living with HIV or at risk of poor sexual health are heard.

Our work with parliamentarians and Assembly Members includes:

  • Meeting with MPs, Peers, AMs, and MSPs on matters of concern to them or us. 
  • Organising visits to HIV services so that parliamentarians can meet with and understand how HIV affects people in their local area
  • Working with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on HIV and AIDS and other relevant cross-party groups. 
  • Giving evidence to select committees and other enquiries. 
  • Asking parliamentarians to support our campaigns by lobbying ministers or asking questions in parliament/the Assembly. 
  • Attending party political conferences to engage parliamentarians
  • Producing publications and briefings to inform politicians of the concerns and needs of people with HIV or poor sexual health.  

UK Parliament

Our policy and campaigns team work with government officials, civil servants and parliamentarians in Westminster to ensure that the voices of people living with HIV or at risk of poor sexual health are heard. Parliamentarians play an essential role in holding the government to account on their response to HIV and sexual health in England. MPs are also able to raise issues that directly affect their constituents.

Welsh Assembly

Health and social care matters are devolved to the Welsh Government, which takes decisions based on the needs of the people in Wales. Assembly Members (AMs), through the Welsh Assembly, challenge the government's response to HIV and sexual health. Terrence Higgins Trust works with AMs across the country to raise awareness of national and local issues. We currently sit on the Sexual Health Programme Board, chaired by the Chief Medical Officer, which aims to update the National Action Plan for Sexual Health and Well-being [PDF].

Scottish Parliament

Health and social care is devolved to the Scottish Government. Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) have the ability to focus nationally and locally on issues of interest to people living with HIV and affected by sexual health. In Scotland we work with HIV Scotland, a policy organisation that has a long history of engaging with the Scottish Government.

Local government

Local authorities are the key decision makes in matters of public health and are responsible for commissioning a broad range of sexual health and HIV support services. We aim to work closely with regional offices, councillors and directors of public health to try and engage these key decision makers and stakeholders in our work. We also offer support and guidance to members of local authorities who wish to improve sexual health in their area. Read our document HIV and Sexual Health – a guide for councillors [PDF].



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