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Andrew Hartle

Andrew Hartle

Andrew Hartle

Thank you to Andrew Hartle, who took on the Ranelagh Richmond Half Marathon for THT and raised an incredible £2,020.20!

Congratulations to Andrew who raised an incredible £2,020.20 from completing the Ranelagh Richmond Half Marathon 2017. From everyone at Terrence Higgins Trust, we’d like to say thank you for running for us and supporting people living with HIV!

Why Andrew got hot and sweaty for Terrence Higgins Trust:

'I've supported Terrence Higgins Trust for two decades since the dark days before effective treatment for HIV. In the mid-90’s I was a doctor in central London, working in Intensive Care. I’ll never forget the guys (they were almost all young gay guys) we treated for PCP or other infections. They got really sick, really quickly, and so many of them died really quickly. It was a horrid, scary time.

'HIV isn’t the headline-grabbing scare story it was when Terrence Higgins Trust was founded, but thousands of men and women are still living with HIV, together with their relatives and loved ones. Terrence Higgins Trust is as needed now as it was 20 and 30 years ago.

'I had an absolutely brilliant day taking part in the race and I was happy to settle in comfortably near the back and let most runners go past me (only six people finished after me within the 2.5 hours!)

'The last mile was really tough and if my running mate, William, hadn’t been there I might not have finished. I legged the last 100 metres and stole the race from him by six seconds, which I feel guilty about (but not very!) and I was so pleased to finish. We even took six minutes off our previous best time (when I may have distracted him by talking about PrEP)!

'My Terrence Higgins Trust running vest meant I received lots of encouragement all the way round the course (once I got used to people I didn’t know calling out my name). I’m so pleased that I did it, and that I was able to raise money for THT'

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