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Rethink Europe


Recycle for Terrence Higgins Trust...

Rethink Europe recycles unwanted items such as old printer cartridges, mobile phones and gadgets. For every recycled item, Terrence Higgins Trust receives a percentage of the profits. Help us raise much needed funds for Terrence Higgins Trust by recycling your old printer cartridges, mobiles phones and gadgets.

Recycling is an easy way to raise money for Terrence Higgins Trust and prevents your old electrical items ending up in a landfill site where harmful chemicals can leak into the environment.

Rethink Europe are able to recycle a number of items, including the following: toner and inkjet cartridges, mobile phones, PDAs and BlackBerrys, MP3 players and iPods, CDs and DVDs, digital cameras, satnavs, laptops

To order freepost recycling envelopes contact The Recycling Appeal on 08451 30 20 10 or visit http://www.rethinkeurope.co.uk/Appeals-and-Campaigns/Terrence-Higgins-Trust



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