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The STI Clinic

The STI Clinic

The STI Clinic enables you to order an STI test online, provide a sample at home then receive your results via their secure website.

The STI Clinic fully supports the work of Terrence Higgins Trust, as well as Terrence Higgins Trust’s belief that it is important for all sexually active people to get tested on a regular basis.

By mentioning Terrence Higgins Trust when you order your test online, you will receive a 5 per cent discount and a further 5 per cent from the sale of the test will be donated to Terrence Higgins Trust. Simply register online and order the test when you’re ready. When prompted, enter ‘THT’ in the Discount Code box and your 5 per cent discount will be calculated.

A range of testing options are now available. Testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) through an online clinic could be a good option for anyone who is uncomfortable with, or who does not have time to, visit their GP or local clinic.

The STI Clinic has partnered with The Doctor's Laboratory to provide a quick and reliable service by post.



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