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Rachel Kneebone

Rachel Kneebone

6, 2014

Oxfordshire-born Rachel Kneebone graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Sculpture and is represented by the White Cube.

The body is ever-present in Kneebone's work, although it frequently appears fragmented, abstracted or collapsed. In this sculpture, a series of 15, six small pod-like shapes, each one slightly different, sit in a standard cardboard egg box: ripe, natural forms in porcelain.

One pod is split open at the top to reveal further detail and a sense of activity inside. With its sharply contrasting textures of shiny porcelain and rough, uncoloured cardboard the work evokes the Surrealist gesture as well the notion of the 'informe', championed in the writings of Georges Bataille.

In a similar manner to Kneebone's major sculptural installations, this sculpture manages to blur the boundaries between the conscious and the subconscious and the real and the imagined, in one delicate work.

Artwork specifications

  • Height 7.5cm x length 15.5cm x width 10.5cm
  • Porcelain and cardboard
  • Unique edition

Bidding has now closed.

Guide price: £2,500
Donated by: Rachel Kneebone and White Cube
Twitter:  @_WhiteCube

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