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Shantanu Baruva

Shantanu Baruva

Shantanu Baruva

I volunteer on three separate projects: Soho Outreach, Health, Wealth and Happiness and SNAP.

The first project I got involved with was the Soho Outreach, where I distribute self testing kits and raise HIV and sexual health awareness around the bars in Soho.

I later got involved in the Health, Wealth and Happiness programme. This is a programme that is run for people who are living with HIV and are over 50 years of age. I have run IT classes to teach the clients how to use the internet, send and receive emails, write a letter in Word, etc.

My most recent role is with the SNAP Project. This project helps sex workers improve their CV and work skills through a programme of work placements, so as to seek alternative employment. I volunteer as a mentor within this project, offering my mentee a friendly ear to talk things through and help write CVs and develop their skills and confidence.

I began my first role with Soho Outreach in September 2015. I then applied for the Health, Wealth and Happiness role, then the SNAP Mentor position, so I am a fairly new volunteer with Terrence Higgins Trust.

Volunteering with Terrence Higgins Trust allows me to develop new skills as well as improve existing ones, but the thing that I love the most is meeting all the different people. Each person has their own experience to share, which I find very interesting and inspirational. I have made many new friends through my work with Terrence Higgins Trust.

It’s great to get the chance to help and educate people on issues that they were unaware of, but the best part of volunteering with Terrence Higgins Trust is meeting so many great people from all walks of life with interesting stories to share.


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