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Gavin Nicol

Gavin Nicol

Man in field

`I became a volunteer in July 2013 to build on my experience working in the community. I chose Terrence Higgins Trust Scotland because I admire the values followed by the charity: Ambitious, Honest, Independent, Different. My favourite part of the role is attending community events.'

I enjoy this the most because it gives me the opportunity to raise awareness of the services that Terrence Higgins Trust Scotland offers, to challenge peoples views on sexual health & HIV stigma and supply people with the tools to engage with safer sex.

I've also enjoyed being involved with some of the media aspects of Terrence Higgins Trust Scotland, including the re-design of ‘Men Only Tayside’ Facebook page, filming for the Get F@*%ed film and 'modelling' for an online postcard to be used on Facebook for a 'Like and Share' competition; promoting our services in Tayside.

In the Summer of 2014 I took part in the 'Color Me Rad' 5k run raising £440 for THT Scotland where I proudly wore my red ribbon and THT badge!


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