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Phillip Reedman

Phillip Reedman

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`I really like the fact that you can be “yourself” at work, there is no pretence or hiding that you have HIV, and you can talk openly about it.'

I do general office administration, and help out with some case work. I've volunteered since November 2014.

I was originally referred by my local clinic for a respite break at KPS in Cornwall and some support around benefit problems. The team here were really great and spoke to me about becoming a Volunteer and the Work Positive programme.

Since then I have been volunteering a couple of days per week in the office and participating in the programme which I have found to have a really positive impact on my life.

The work is really interesting and I can use my knowledge of HIV, also having some input with case work where I can use my knowledge and past experiences to help with some clients situations.

On the days that I volunteer, I always look forward to coming into the office to work with the Team here, they’re all great people and a pleasure to work with.


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