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Gary Watkins

Gary Watkins

Gary Watkins

I joined Terrence Higgins Trust Bristol after I was successful interviewed by Jon Starks and Bonnie maybe seven years ago.

I wanted to volunteer and test out my skills at supporting others before starting a counselling degree.

A friend from London had faced so much stigma when he came out with being positive that I decided to help Terrence Higgins Trust to help others when I moved back to Bristol. My friend had got so much help from Terrence Higgins Trust around bullying at work and depression.

Working on reception was great but working with Bonnie in the Community Support team was the most amazing experience ever, she goes beyond her job role everyday. I supported two ladies who were depressed and faced filling in forms about their benefits and health with great results, building up their confidence in the community.

I took up my studies inspired by another Bristol Terrence Higgins Trust employee Pete Connor. Pete is so amazing, he taught me how to manage people in the voluntary sector. I successfully used his tips in my role as a mental health volunteer team leader to lead them. He always has time each shift on reception to say hi and have a quick chat.

Through my experience with the Terrence Higgins Trust I'm a better person in business and in life I hope.



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