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Lucy Dawkins

Lucy Dawkins

Lucy Dawkins

I volunteer with the Bristol Terrence Higgins Trust as a Complementary Therapist Volunteer and have been doing so since March 2013.

I am a Massage Therapist and I find giving clients here a treatment very satisfying and rewarding. They always leave the session saying they feel better and they appear much more relaxed and healed.

Massage is extremely beneficial in so many ways, it can be simply relaxing, it can allow people to feel more connected with their physical body as sometimes it's easy to feel disconnected from it. Massage can also help to heal physical and mental conditions, dysfunctional postural patterns and can help with many more things. I thoroughly enjoy it as I feel the clients really need it.

I also love the space where I give the treatments as it is very tranquil and the rest of the staff are so friendly. I really hope the funding continues for this.



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