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Jacq Applebee

Jacq Applebee

Jacq Applebee

I volunteer for the Work Positive Program, providing administrative and practical support to the Program facilitator.

It’s a varied and interesting role, plus it’s great to see the participants on the program bloom as they progress.

I’ve been a volunteer here since summer 2014. I was at a very low place; had just lost my job, and survived an assault. I wanted to be in a LGBT+ friendly space, so Terrence Higgins Trust was a great choice!

Volunteering has boosted my confidence so much. It helps me feel less isolated, and less sad. I feel like I’m making a real difference to people who need it, and that, in turn, helps me. Volunteering is also a great thing for my CV – I’ve gained so many skills, from creating surveys, to learning about sexual health. It’s been fantastic.

The best part of being a volunteer is that I feel useful and appreciated. Knowing that I’m contributing to something positive is great when I’ve been told so often that I’m useless, unemployable, etc.

Working here has shown me how to improve the way I work with my own support and social group: Bi’s of Colour. I get ideas all the time about being creative when it comes to community development. The atmosphere in the Gray’s Inn Road office is incredibly friendly and is definitely something I look forward to every week.

I thought I may get upset about some of the things that are covered by Terrence Higgins Trust, but the more I’ve learned, the more confidence I feel in regards to sexual health, living as a disabled person, and so much more.



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