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Jai NicAllen

Jai NicAllen

Jai NicAllen

I volunteer at Terrence Higgins Trust Dundee.

I help staff the clinics, providing fast HIV testing and sexual health advice. Some of these clinics work specifically with men who have sex with men, others are open to everyone. I also help deliver training on sexual health and related issues, and I attend events like freshers' fairs where we give out safer sex resources, advice and information.

I think the work that Terrence Higgins Trust do is really valuable and I learn a lot of really useful information that I can use in my career as a health professional. I also feel that working with Terrence Higgins Trust provides a valuable perspective that isn't usually covered - it's important to remember that HIV is still hugely stigmatised within the UK, and that the existence of very effective treatment does not mean we don't have any areas that still need to be improved.

The work that Terrence Higgins Trust does is really valuable. It isn't difficult to notice the difference it makes in people's lives to access an inclusive, non-stigmatising service. Promoting and providing testing makes a huge difference both on an individual and a population level. I think volunteers (and staff!) can get a lot of satisfaction from providing services that are so valued.

As well as that, there are a lot of lovely, welcoming people at Terrence Higgins Trust (the organisation makes volunteering a pleasure!) and I have so much knowledge about HIV now that I wouldn't have otherwise.

Essentially, volunteering for Terrence Higgins Trust is fun and it is worthwhile - what more could you want?



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