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Mike Martin

Mike Martin

Mike Martin

I have been a Community Support Volunteer with Terrence Higgins Trust Bristol for over 10 years.

I attend regular support meetings where I give and receive support with other volunteers.

I started my journey with Terrence Higgins Trust in London where I lived at the time. I got to know about the organisation when a close friend became ill and was in hospital. In those days he was sent home where myself and a friend started to help him. The Terrence Higgins Trust group visited regularly and were so kind to Ian. In those days nobody really knew HOW to deal with it.

When Ian left his friends I wanted to do something and that was the start of the journey I talk about. I am not going to say how long ago but Dusty Springfield was still around! It has been a long time for the good I must say.

I volunteer now because every service user is different and their needs are different. So for me you never know how your meeting will go. The majority are wonderful people who are so pleased to see you. The majority of the time we all leave smiling, so the reward for me is that I’ve gained some nice friends too.

The best part of being a volunteer is that it's a big family but you know they’re always on the end of a phone.



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