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James Greenaway

James Greenaway

I have been volunteering as an Outreach Worker in Nottingham since 2015.

James Greenaway

As an outreach volunteer I visit venues and events across the city to offer safer sex packs, general advice and information on HIV testing and the services provided by Terrence Higgins Trust.

I also volunteer as part of the People to People project, where I offer peer support to individuals living with HIV.

In Nottingham, we're encouraged to get involved in activities beyond our volunteering roles. I attended Nottingham Pride in July, promoting the Can’t Pass It On campaign to raise awareness that people on effective HIV treatment cannot pass the virus on. It was an amazing experience and I felt like I was doing my little bit to help bring an end to the stigma around HIV.

I'm also training to become an Assistant Practitioner for Terrence Higgins Trust. Once I have completed the training I will be able to conduct point-of-care testing for my local community.

I enjoy volunteering with Terrence Higgins Trust and have found it to be a rewarding experience. I have also gained better knowledge and understanding of HIV, STIs and some of the wider issues facing people living with HIV in the UK.

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