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How to leave a gift in your will

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How you can help the fight against HIV by giving in your will.

If you have already made a will

If you already have a will, including your gift can be as simple as adding a ‘codicil’ – a single piece of paper that is kept with your will. Download a codicil template, and fill it in with the help of your solicitor.

If you don't have a will

We have put some useful information together to help you to make your will. However, we would always advise you to consult a solicitor to ensure your will is valid and that your wishes are respected.

What type of gift to leave?

Your solicitor will be able to advise you on the type of legacy you may wish to leave, but here is some useful information.

Residuary legacy

This is a gift of the remainder or percentage of the remainder of your estate after all other legacies have been made and debts cleared.

Residuary legacies keep up with inflation and so they could help your gift to Terrence Higgins Trust go further.

Pecuniary legacy

This is where you leave a fixed sum of money. The value of this type of legacy will decrease over time, as the cost of living increases.

Specific legacy

This is where you name a particular item to be left as a gift in your will - for example, a piece of jewellery.

Contingent gifts

Legacies made on the basis of another event happening first are called contingent gifts. For example your will could state that a gift only applies if all other beneficiaries die before you do.

Life interest or reversionary legacy

This is a gift which someone can benefit from in their lifetime. For instance, your house could be left for the use of a relative. When they die it could pass to someone else, or to a charity.

The wording

Your solicitor will be able to advise you on the correct wording of your will, which will be specific to the type of legacy you decide to leave.

To leave a legacy to Terrence Higgins Trust, it is important that you use: 

  • our full name, Terrence Higgins Trust 
  • our registered charity number 288527 (SC039986 in Scotland)
  • our correct registered address:

Terrence Higgins Trust
314-320 Gray's Inn Road

`When I lost my best friend to an HIV-related illness I got in touch with Terrence Higgins Trust. Leaving a gift in my will is like a way of honouring my friend and doing my bit to make things better for people with HIV in the future.' James - Terrence Higgins Trust supporter.

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