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Pastor Elizabeth

Pastor Elizabeth

Pastor Elizabeth shares the importance of taking medication and explains why she's passionate about stopping stigma in the church.

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'I was ordained as a pastor in 2004. After the ordination I said OK, let me tell the truth to the founder, the overseer of our church.'

'The moment I told him that I am HIV positive he said to me I have to close the church.'

'I was asked to stop taking my medicine which I believed in it and I stopped taking my medication. I even stopped my husband taking the medication.'

'I spent almost three years praying. Thinking that what I need is prayer. I ended up want to lose my life because we were just believing that our prayers are working.'

'My journey was not easy. Why I’m coming out today is because the pain that I went through and I know that maybe there is someone who is going through the same pain that I went through.'

'So I want to encourage faith leaders not to stop people taking their medication. HIV is just an illness which is in the blood of a human being, not in their spirit.'

'If you are HIV positive and someone is telling you not to take your medication, that person is misleading you to the wrong direction.'

'You need to take your medication, it's very important.'

'If I wake up and find out that there is no more stigma in the church I'll be a very very very happy woman. I will sing praise to the Lord. The whole world would know about it. Yes let us join our hands together and work together to stop stigma in the church.'

'It starts with me, Pastor Elizabeth.'




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