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young man talking

Patrick shares why he avoided HIV treatment until he collapsed at his dad's birthday party, and explains that now he's on treatment and in good health.


I got my diagnosis on October 2011. When they actually said: 'you’ve tested positive' my heart stopped I think is the best way I can describe it.

I deferred treatment for as long as possible. Treatment was like this big spectre of a thing for me that I didn’t want because it felt like a moment of me becoming somebody else. Me moving away from who I was.

But the way that it ended up working out was that I went to my dad’s fiftieth birthday party and collapsed in front of three-quarters of my family.

I was really worried that, you know, starting medication and all the side effects and all the horror stories were gonna, you know, change my life very dramatically for the worse.

But then when I actually did start, it was like a cloud just got lifted from my head.

I hadn’t really realized that it was that there had just been a constant underlying headache for months and months and months that you just didn't really notice because it was there all the time until it was gone.

I’m gonna carry on being on treatment. I'm in good health. There’s nothing really to stop me moving forwards like everyone else that I know.

I feel like it’s a responsibility for me especially because I have been through it to not want that to happen to anyone else.

It starts with me.

I take responsibility for myself, and everyone else should as well.



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