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Rob shares his experience of diagnosis and talks about why people who are HIV positive deserve as much respect as anyone else.

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'Before I was diagnosed I thought that it was only a certain type of person that would catch HIV – a kinky guy, people who were really into like sort of kinky sex.'

'I was diagnosed two years ago. It was completely unexpected.'

'I wasn’t even listening really when he read the results, all I heard was brrr positive. It was like a land mine going off my head. It was the worst thing I ever thought that could happen to me...'

'I think pretty soon after that I went and asked for treatment.'

'My energy levels came back up and I started going back to the gym and I just started to feel like myself again.'

'My advice to people who are negative would be to unlearn everything you know about HIV. People still say things like: 'are you clean' that implies that the opposite that you are unclean or dirty if you are positive.'

'I had one guy a few months ago who came round and he came into my room and saw my medication and I couldn’t see him for dust.'

'And then it's funny about two weeks ago I got a message and it was the same guy apologizing and said he was really sorry because he was in the same situation, got an HIV test a week later and he was positive.'

'It’s a virus like any virus, like flu or anything, it doesn’t discriminate. Anyone can catch it.'

'People who are HIV positive deserve just as much respect as everyone else.'

'It starts with me.'