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Your stories about HIV

two women chatting
I was very surprised to learn that once treatment started improvements to my health might be seen in as little as eight weeks.


"Having it confirmed was, in fact, a relief."

I had one week off work to deal with it all and my advice is to tell people you can trust and count on!


"I caught HIV through a sexual assault that happened to me on a night out."

The spring in my step has returned and I’m sure as hell never letting go of it. Sending all of you rays of light and hope.


"I was put on ART pretty much straight away."

I was diagnosed with HIV in June this year and at first I thought my life was over, I didn't know anything about this condition and never thought I would have to.


"We can all fight this."

Then came an epiphany - I talked to my friends and told them everything I was feeling. I cried a lot both with them and alone.


"Within a day or so it was like a weight had been taken off me."

I've found is talking to people about HIV has changed their views.


"Standing in front of an audience and announcing that I have HIV is the weirdest thing."

Just as I think I have my head around living with HIV along comes another feeling or situation.


"After 7 years it still upsets me to think I'm different because of this virus."

Last week I found out that I have been granted Indefinite Leave to Remain! My home country isn’t safe for me and my baby, and I am so relieved.


"I know that I can trust my mentor."

Two years down the line, I’m getting my life back on track. Life goes on!


"Everyone I have told so far has been supportive."

I have also met a new man who is negative but who is totally un-phased with the HIV thing.


"I have never felt healthier."

I cried, they cried, they held me...something I had been yearning for since I was diagnosed.


"Seroconversion landed me in hospital for three weeks."

 I'm looking forward to a happy and healthy future and I cherish every second with my little boy and my loved ones.


"I live every day not like a victim but like a survivor."

Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent. xx


"There is life after diagnosis and mine has completely changed for the better."

To anyone who feels they maybe alone i would just like to stress to you. Your not and there is a lot of help around you just need to ask.


"Everyone has a very similar story to mine."

I discovered I had HIV by chance in 1985 when I was sent a double-sided diet sheet by the hospital.


"I didn’t imagine I would ever meet anyone, let alone get married."

I am not foolish enough to believe it will be all plain sailing in the future but I can say, for now, it really does get better!


"Here are the things I have learned"

Well, eight weeks ago I was living a fantastic life, was working for an international airline, flying round the world.


"I am overwhelmed with the whole change of circumstance"

Straight away my consultant was upbeat about the chances of my still being able to have kids and also that I was going to live a long life...


"I didn't fit the stereotype at all."