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I had one week off work to deal with it all and my advice is to tell people you can trust and count on!

I am 20 years old and newly diagnosed with type 1 HIV.

I caught HIV through a sexual assault that happened to me on a night out...

The night the incident happened I was very vulnerable and intoxicated, and unaware of what was happening. I remember waking up in a hotel room thinking to myself: 'what am I doing here?' As I knew the guy who I met it made it a lot worse for me to deal with.

A few weeks later I decided to check myself out at the GUM clinic, as I had never been before. I had all the tests done on me and was then to await the results. The following week I received a number of texts to come to the clinic and talk with the advisors about my results; I went with my best friend who I went to the clinic the first time with for support.

There I got the news that my blood sample for HIV came up positive and I was to be tested again to confirm the diagnosis. Within 24 hours I got the call stating I was HIV positive and I instantly broke drown into tears. The hardest point was breaking the news to my family as I knew it would effect them badly.

As the results indicated I was newly diagnosed and I had all the symptoms of HIV (flu symptoms) in early November. I knew it was from the assault that this happened to me as I always make sure my partner wears a condom, and I had not been active since the summer.

What's hard is that I know who did it to me and the flash backs I'm getting are further more reminding me of that night I want to forget.

I am now going to go down the pre-trial counselling route as I am reporting the incident and also getting the police to look at his medical records to see if he knew he had HIV. I had one week off work to deal with it all and my advice is to tell people you can trust and can count on! Get back to work or studies as soon as possible as this makes you feel better about yourself again, and definitely don't withdraw into yourself. It's not your fault, don't feel guilty and like I'm doing be strong and have faith that we can raise awareness in young people.

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  • Thank you so much for being brave and for sharing your touching story. You were young and impressionable, doing what every young person will do on a night out. It will raise awareness to those who read your story not to judge all book by it's cover.
    All the best.
    Thank you for being positive.

    Posted 22:37 Sat 06 Feb 2016