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Carlos' story

The spring in my step has returned and I’m sure as hell never letting go of it. Sending all of you rays of light and hope.

Sending all of you rays of light and hope.

It’s so good to read everyone’s posts on here. It not only provides a feeling of support and a sense of comfort and hope, but it also fills me with admiration at the enormous courage of each and every person.

2010 was very much my nemesis year and a period of my life that I’m very happy to put behind me forever. Early in October I started to feel more run-down and fluey than I ever had before and just put it down to the season and being permanently surrounded by a constant stream of fellow commuters whose various ailments and Autumn sniffles had become a normal part of my daily journey to and from work.

However, this time it struck me down like never before. I eventually struggled back to work in early November after two weeks of sick leave, having lost about two stone in weight and with an unexplained and permanent sense of doom in my mind.

Several visits to the GP and my local hospital later, I was diagnosed with extreme anaemia and weight loss (no kidding!) and was given a sick-note to take a further period of two weeks off work.

By the beginning of December not only had I continued to lose weight but I had also developed a reflux condition making it impossible to even sip water without being in excruciating pain. This is where my wonderful partner stepped in and took control and booked me in to have an HIV test.

Needless to say the positive result was like a firing squad to the head. At the time of diagnosis my CD4 count was 79 and my viral load 1.5 million and all I could do was rely on hope, the amazing support of my partner, family and friends (and also my place of work) and to keep focusing on the wonderful advancement in medication.

I was put on ART pretty much straight away (with some initial but not ground-breakingly unbearable side-effects) and nearly one year on my CD4 has increased dramatically and my viral load is down to just under 400.

I am now back to work full-time, enjoy a closer and more wonderful relationship with my partner and cherish every moment of being on the road to good health. The spring in my step has returned and I’m sure as hell never letting go of it. Sending all of you rays of light and hope.

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