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I cried, they cried, they held me...something I had been yearning for since I was diagnosed.

I seem to be different than most people as I don't remember the exact date I was diagnosed, but then ask any of my friends or family what I'm like at remembering their birthdays and they'll tell you I'm rubbish!

Of course, that doesn't mean that I don't remember the day, I don't think anyone could forget.

I was diagnosed in October 2005, a couple of months after a pretty bad seroconversion which landed me in hospital for three weeks. Although the consultants at the hospital never thought to test me I had a gut feeling and so once I was strong I made my way to the GUM. The rest is history.

Instead of writing about my diagnosis I thought I'd share with you something I wrote the day I told my parents:

22 March 2010 -- After four long years I bit the bullet and told my parents that I am HIV+ today. It's been something that has driven me crazy thinking about for a long while. I always felt like I was lying to them by keeping it from them and could hardly look them in the eye.

I didn't not tell them because I was scared of rejection, I have never doubted their love for me. I just didn't want to see the pain in their eyes, didn't quite know how to get the words out quickly and reassure them that everything was ok before one or other of them passed out... lol.

Well it went as expected (except for the passing out!). I started by saying that I had something to tell them and it was gonna ruin their day a little and just went from there. I cried, they cried, they held me... something I had been yearning for since I was diagnosed. The only thing they said was that I should have told them sooner and said they are always there for me.

My mum had actually watched a documentary yesterday on HIV and meds and said that she was pleased she had watched it as now she knows that I'm gonna be fine... funny how things like that happen...

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