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Well, eight weeks ago I was living a fantastic life, was working for an international airline, flying round the world.

Well, eight weeks ago I was living a fantastic life, was working for an international airline, flying round the world. I had a great lifestyle in Abu Dhabi, great flat, sports car, good income and a fantastic girlfriend.

Being a resident in Abu Dhabi meant that every three years I had to undertake a medical for the residence visa. As I’d been there six years this didn’t surprise or worry me.

On this occasion though it wasn’t just a formality as before. Three days after my medical I was recalled to the medical centre for results, when I arrived I was greeted by armed police, arrested for being HIV positive, taken to a detention centre in the dessert for four days while my deportation papers were sorted out.

Here I was visited by a member of the airline welfare team, where they handed me my termination papers. On the fourth day I was taken at midnight to the airport to get deported, there I was informed that I couldn’t be deported as I had an outstanding parking ticket. The police took my car registration and the money to clear the fine and returned me to the detention centre.

On day five I was finally deported, without any of my belongings. Upon arrival in the UK I found out that my UAE bank account has been frozen indefinitely. I can’t sell my car as I no longer have the registration, I can’t track my belongings, even though I know my flat has been emptied and on top of that I am really struggling to keep my relationship alive, which has its own issues as my partner is a Chinese national and getting her a visa here is a paperwork nightmare.

Anyway that’s what happened and now I’m here in the UK, lost. I haven’t lived here for almost 20 years, know no one here except family, am sleeping on my mum’s couch, which is getting up the nose of my stepdad, don’t know where to turn, what to do or how to even start getting back on my feet.

I am overwhelmed not by the HIV itself but with the whole change of circumstance that I find myself in, but even with all that I am trying to be positive about things, keeping my chin up, searching for advice or help or even a kick up the arse, who knows.

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  • oh sorry to hear that ,i was diagnosed on the 16th of january 2012 ,its been a big shock to me too ,but i know things will change it will take time ,but you will get there ,so have you managed to get somewhere to stay now ,i stay in scotland with my son ,just the two of us ,keep your chin up ,i am trying too ,i pray things work out for you ,stay blessed

    Posted 11:29 Wed 01 Aug 2012

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