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Kaletra (lopinavir + ritonavir)

Kaletra aluvia

Generic name: lopinavir or ritonavir

Brand names: Kaletra or Aluvia

Class: Combined PI (protease inhibitor) tablets


Common: nausea, diarrhoea, respiratory tract infection, lipodystrophy, raised liver enzymes, vomiting, abdominal pain, heartburn, headache, raised blood fats including cholesterol and triglicerides, diabetes, high blood pressure, rash, dizziness, tiredness, night sweats, change in menstruation, inflammation of the pancreas.

Rare: Changes in heart rhythm, change in taste sensation, hair loss, kidney problems, bone problems, vertigo, severe rash.


Tablet comprising 200mg lopinavir and 50mg ritonavir.

Take two tablets twice a day or four tablets once a day (800mg lopinavir and 200mg ritonavir).


Take with or without food.

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