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Learn how to live well with HIV and create helpful information sheets for yourself and your loved ones.

How to get the most out of this site:

  1. Learn from the experiences of others with HIV: connect with them through our community forums, watch videosread personal stories and maybe even contribute your own!
  2. Take the LifeCheck quiz to test and improve your knowledge.
  3. Use our free online services – counsellingadvice and peer support on the forums - whenever you need help.

How to use favourites:

  1. Register or log in to start using this feature.
  2. As you browse through different topics on myHIV, favourite the ones you want to keep by clicking Add article to my favourites at the bottom of the page.
  3. Your favourites will now appear in your Account page under My favourites.
  4. Tick the ones you’d like to compile into a printable booklet.
  5. Click Download PDF.
  6. Print the PDF or keep it for future reference. Your favourited articles will still be listed in the My favourites section.

For your loved ones: if you’re worried that your friend or a family member might take your diagnosis badly, you can make an informative booklet about HIV to give them when you tell them that you’re HIV positive.

You could include topics like: how are HIV and AIDS different, how is HIV transmitted, or anything from the Simple Science section.

Knowledge will make it easier for them to accept your diagnosis and not panic.

For yourself: some of us are happy to Google around for information, while others prefer to keep printed sources handy. If you belong to the latter group, use Favourites to create your own booklets.

Some useful topics are: tips for taking your medication at work, information on how the Equality Act protects you, or the Travelling with HIV checklist.

Remember that we update our pages regularly, so the contents might change over time.

How to use your notes:

  • Just like your favourites, your notes are kept in your myHIV account and are formatted as readable, print-ready PDFs.
  • Collect your HIV-related notes here – only you will be able to access them and your privacy will be protected.
  • You can easily edit, add and delete your notes.
  • Take notes from your HIV clinic appointments or one-on-one sessions with an Online Advisor etc, and keep them in one place with the rest of your HIV knowledge.

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