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Over 50s Advice Service

man on helpline

Our advice workers are available to meet you in person, by appointment.

We can advise you on a number of issues affecting older people living with HIV, including:

  • welfare benefits
  • housing
  • debt
  • consumer rights
  • employment
  • disability issues.

We can empower you to better manage your finances and plan for your future, for example by discussing social care costs and planning for old age.

We can also help you to navigate the benefits maze – whatever your concerns, the Advice team can help, for example:

We have a good track record in assisting claimants with their benefits. One of our clients, following a successful case, said: 'I can’t thank you enough. You have turned my life around. It was a massive help getting support with filling in my ESA50 form. When you are fighting several major illnesses, losing your benefits or being at risk of losing them does cause anxiety.'

To book an appointment contact:

Cliff D’Souza
020 7812 1876

If you live outside these areas but in the UK, you can use our online advice service.