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Groupwork and skills workshops


Our groupwork and workshops are tailored to meet the needs of people growing older with HIV. These will help to develop new skills and support health choices as well as improving financial and emotional wellbeing.


Our groupwork sessions offer the chance to explore a wide range of issues related to growing older with HIV. Themes have included:

  • diabetes
  • menopause
  • identity and change
  • dating and relationships.

Our local centres also organise social events where you can meet with other people living with HIV and share experiences in a safe place.

By learning in a group environment, you will be able to share your experiences and build friendships with other people living with HIV in your local area.

‘With this group I feel welcome. It’s like family.’ 

‘I really look forward to coming to this group because I get lonely and miserable. Here I see people who speak the same language.’


We also deliver interactive workshops for older people living with HIV.

Our workshops are designed to help you develop new skills and increase your understanding. Workshops have included:

  • basic computer and social media skills
  • managing your money
  • men’s health
  • getting back to work
  • volunteering and long-term condition management.

Learning these new skills will enable you to take control of your future.

‘I’m surprised at the useful info and skills I’m picking up. Great!’

‘I will be able to talk to my doctor about my feelings towards treatment.’

‘Skype will help me keep in contact with friends and relatives who live abroad and I will feel less lonely as a result.’

Want to go to a group work or a workshop?

In order to find out more about the workshops and how you can attend them, please contact your local co-ordinator. If you need support with a specific issue but this is not covered within your local events programme, please contact your local co-ordinator who will be happy to help.