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HIV Awareness Training

An older man

Are you part of an organisation working with and supporting older people?

Over 50s are now the fastest-growing group of people living with HIV

With numbers set to rise significantly over the next decade, it's possible that organisations working with older people may need to support people living with HIV in the near future.

The Health, Wealth and Happiness project provides free specialist HIV and Ageing Awareness training for organisations in Brighton, Bristol, London, Manchester and the West Midlands which will enable you to better support older people living with HIV.

Our team can also provide advice on how your organisation can adapt its procedures and policies in order to ensure they cater for the needs of older people living with HIV.

‘I fear hugely going into a home. I fear the attitudes towards HIV that I may find and ignorance from care staff.’*  

Why take the training?

Misconceptions about HIV can cause fear which may lead to discriminatory treatment of people living with HIV. A recent online survey we conducted found that 74 per cent of people living with HIV who were aged 55 and over reported experiencing stigma as a result of their HIV status.

Many people living with HIV fear accessing healthcare or going into care because they think they will be treated badly by staff or residents who hold stigmatising views about HIV.

Find out more:

You can download a printable PDF of our leaflet with more details about the HIV Awareness Training.

You can also talk to us about the options for training and support we can offer your organisation by contacting our national project co-ordinator:

Clive Blowes
020 7812 1778