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Living with HIV long term

simple science
how hiv is not passed on

Ageing and HIV

Younger people with HIV can have 'older' immune systems.

how hiv is passed on

Blood pressure

Some antiretrovirals can increase the amount of fats in your blood, causing hypertension.

the immune system


Three types of cancer are classified as ‘AIDS defining’ under British HIV Association guidelines.

what is hiv


Diabetes is a common condition but some HIV medication has also been linked to it.

whats happening inside me

Heart problems

HIV increases the risk of heart disease and inflames the heart.

facts and figures

Kidney problems

HIV can cause specific kidney damage known as ‘HIV associated nephropathy’ (HIVAN).

the hiv test

Memory problems

HIV-associated dementia (or HIV encephalopathy) affects some HIV positive people regardless of age.

how hiv is passed on

Menopause and HIV

Many women living with HIV can expect to have a normal lifespan and will go through the menopause.

what is hiv

Menstruation and HIV

HIV can sometimes affect your hormonal system, including your periods.

stages of hiv infection


People living with HIV have more incidences of bone mineral density loss and fragility fractures.