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pregnant african woman
african baby

Thinking about having a baby

Your HIV status doesn't mean that you can't think about starting a family.

pregnant african woman

HIV treatment during pregnancy

If you have an undetectable viral load, you’ll normally continue taking your anti-HIV drugs throughout the pregnancy.

african mother and baby

Preventing mother to baby transmission

4 ways to prevent mother-to-baby transmission.

hands holding african pregnant belly

Support while you are pregnant

Your healthcare team will play a key role in helping you stay well while you are pregnant.

african woman doing yoga

Antenatal care

Good antenatal care is an essential part of reducing the risk of your baby being born with HIV.

african baby being changed

Breastfeeding and postnatal care

Breastfeeding is not recommended for women living with HIV because it can pass on the virus to the baby.



Some methods of contraception are less effective if you are taking anti-HIV drugs.