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I've been asked to be a witness

I've been asked to be a witness

If you've been asked to be a witness in a reckless or intentional transmission case, it is important to be sure that you are comfortable with this and that you are not being pressured into testifying.

For more information on cases of this kind, see other articles in our section on criminal prosecutions.

Sometimes people are caught up in these investigations as witnesses. Either as a clinician who is asked for their medical notes, as someone else who has had sex with one of the parties involved or just as a friend who’s seen or heard something called in evidence.

Clinical staff who are unclear about what their obligations and options are can consult their professional guidelines, including the British HIV Association (BHIVA) guidelines.

Additionally, anyone can call THT Direct for advice.

If you're a registered member of myHIV, you can talk about your options with one of our Online Advisers. This service is confidential and free for all myHIV users living in the UK.

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