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Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

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The Personal Independence Payment also known as PIP is a benefit for people living with disabilities, which includes people living with HIV in the UK.

What is Personal Independence Payment (PIP)?

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is a benefit for people aged 16 to 64 with a long-term health condition or disability, and who meet the eligibility criteria for this benefit. Not all of those living with disabilities or with HIV will be eligible to receive this benefit.

From 10 June 2013, it replaced DLA for all new claims and will eventually replace DLA for existing DLA claimants who were aged between16 and 64 on 8 April 2013, or who reached age 16 after 8 April 2013.

Which DLA claimants will be affected by the introduction of PIP?

If you are already getting DLA and you were aged 16 to 64 on 8 April 2013, or you reached the age of 16 on or after this date, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will write to you at some point between 28 October 2013 and September 2017 asking you to make a new claim for PIP instead of DLA.

This will happen even if you have an indefinite or lifetime award of DLA.

Can I choose to stay with DLA instead of switching to PIP?

You cannot choose to continue getting DLA.

You don't have to do anything about this until DWP contact you.

Eligibility for PIP vs eligibility for DLA:

Please be aware that there is no guarantee that you will automatically qualify for PIP even though you may have been receiving DLA, or that you will receive it at the same rate.

This is because the eligibility criteria are different.

Please contact our advisers for more information regarding eligibility for PIP.

Claiming PIP:

When the DWP contacts you, you must make the claim for PIP within 28 days otherwise your DLA payments will stop.

If you were 65 or over on 8 April 2013 and getting DLA, you can carry on receiving it for as long as you are eligible. You will not be eligible to claim PIP.

Since 28 October 2013, some people getting DLA can choose to claim PIP even if the DWP hasn't contacted them yet. However, you should seek advice before doing this as you may end up worse off than before.

Help with PIP:

For advice on PIP eligibility, claiming PIP, the assessment or challenging a PIP decision, please contact:

For further information see:



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  • i am looking after my partner who hiv and got a blue badge as well. but is there any i clain for his carer. is the any befits i can claim at all.

    Posted 15:03 Fri 20 Jan 2017

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