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Travelling with medication

while youre away

Adherence to medication can be easier or more difficult whilst travelling depending on the circumstances, and the best advice is to make sure you are organised.

You may be on a relaxing holiday where it’s easy to alter your routine to keep in line with your meds. Or you may be on a tightly scheduled business trip where you need to keep on top of when to take your meds.

Set an alarm

If you’re not taking your medication when you normally would, it may help to have alarms set or use a notated diary or pill dispensers/organisers.

Watch out for jet lag

Jet lag can cause fatigue and short-term memory problems, so think about the steps to take to make sure you take it on time.

Store your medication safely

The climate may well be different where you’re going so make sure your medication is properly stored, refrigerated if required and kept with the desiccant capsule or packet supplied. This is particularly important in hot and humid countries.

Don’t expose medication to direct sunlight or heat, don’t leave it exposed to the air for prolonged periods, and don’t store it in the bathroom if it is a particularly warm and humid environment.

It may be best to keep all medication refrigerated in particularly hot countries.

You'll find more practical tips in the Travelling for work section of our Taking HIV medication at work guide.

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