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Training for work - your options


If you are returning to work or study after a period of ill-health then there are many options open to you and several issues to consider.

If you're long-term unemployed and living with HIV, you can take part in our Work Positive programme when it reopens ››

  1. Training
  2. Volunteering
  3. Study
  4. Starting a business


You may want to return to work that you have done prior to your period of ill health. Alternatively you could see a return to work as an opportunity to change direction. Either way it is a good idea to find training or volunteering opportunity in whichever field you decide to get into.

Disability Employment Advisers (DEAs) assist disabled people to find training and employment opportunities, one of those tools they use is Universal Jobmatch.

The following links offer free information and advice on how to find training and work:


Volunteering is increasingly seen to be a really good 'bridge' into employment. It can provide you with the opportunity to discover whether the line of work is something you would really want to do, as well as providing you with useful skills and experiences that you can use in employment. Potential employers like to see voluntary work on CVs.

The following links may be useful to find volunteering opportunities:


You can do part time or full time study at a college or university. There are many study opportunities for adults, including open access courses with no entry requirements.

It may be possible to retain benefits whilst you are studying. For more information on this please see our Study and Benefits pages.

The following organisations may also be useful:

Starting a business

If you have a business idea that you want to pursue or to work as self employed then Direct Gov or HMRC has a lot of useful information on this.

Gov.uk is a good guide to help you become self-employed or start up your own business. Find out more.

The following links are also good resources for support with starting up businesses:

Should I disclose my HIV status when I apply?

Before you apply for any training course, internship, job or a voluntary assignment, read our page on disclosing your status to employers.

You should also know how the Equality Act 2010 can protect you from discrimination.



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