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British Sign Language films for National HIV Testing Week

British Sign Language films for National HIV Testing Week

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The Deaf Health Charity SignHealth is delighted to have worked with Terrence Higgins Trust to make important information on HIV available in British Sign Language (BSL). A series of videos have been made in preparation for National HIV Testing Week aimed at improving understanding of the conditions among the deaf community.

Deaf people can miss out on important health information messages because they are not available in BSL, which for many is their first language. Communication barriers mean understanding of HIV and its treatment is limited, which is why the two organisations are working together to raise awareness.

Misconceptions about HIV can have profound implications for the health and wellbeing of deaf people, for example affected individuals are sometimes at risk of being banned from attending social clubs because of misunderstandings about the way the virus transmits.

The videos, which are presented by deaf presenters and subtitled in English, cover a range of topics including what HIV and AIDS are, how the virus is transmitted, treatment and testing options.

What are HIV and AIDS?

Why is HIV testing important (early treatment)?

How HIV is transmitted

Treatment stops HIV

See further videos on SignHealth's website.