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‘Challenging times lie ahead for HIV services – but the role of the community is vital’, says Ian Green

Challenging times lie ahead for HIV services

Ian Green

Today, the King's Fund has released a new report into the future of HIV services in England. Ian Green, our Chief Executive, has commented on what this means for THT and those we’re here to support.

‘We welcome this thought-provoking report from the influential King's Fund on the future of HIV services in England. As a sector, this both challenges and enables us to plan how we can meet the future needs of people living with HIV.

‘In particular we were pleased to see the report’s focus on the importance of prevention services alongside its clear call that HIV support services are essential to people living with HIV.  

‘The report also recognises that HIV is a long-term health condition but that it is still subject to a disproportionate amount of stigma compared to other conditions – this is a vital point that reiterates the ongoing need for specialist services for people living with HIV.

‘Alongside the recommendations highlighted in the report, we would like to see greater recognition and emphasis on the integral role of charities and community organisations in the future response to HIV in the UK. Charities highlight communities’ needs, tackle neglected areas, push for positive change in policy, and, importantly, deliver HIV services - often to those most vulnerable to HIV.

‘It’s clear that challenging times lie ahead and the future of HIV services in England is far from certain – the role of the community in working alongside the NHS and local authorities has never been so important.’

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