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Launch of new campaign for gay and bisexual men who mix sex, drugs and alcohol in Brighton

Launch of new campaign for gay and bisexual men who mix sex, drugs and alcohol in Brighton

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Terrence Higgins Trust has launched a brand new campaign offering advice, information and support to gay and bisexual men in Brighton and Hove who may be worried about their relationship with sex, drugs and alcohol.

The campaign encourages men who have sex with men, who are affected by drug or alcohol use, to look after their sexual health and ensure that they are protecting themselves, as well as their sexual partners, against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV.

The local campaign from the UK’s leading HIV and sexual health charity will help address the high rates of HIV and STIs in the area by offering resources, information and support so men can maintain good sexual health.

According to Public Health England, 404 men who have sex with men were newly diagnosed with HIV in the South of England in 2015.

Tom Boyt, Senior Community Engagement Officer at Terrence Higgins Trust in Brighton, said:

“We know that gay and bisexual men in Brighton and Hove who mix sex, drugs and alcohol may be worried about their sexual choices and risks, but mainstream addiction services may not be right for them. That’s why we’re launching this brand new local campaign to provide tailored support, advice and information.  

“We’re working alongside local LGBT bars and clubs, as well as GP surgeries and dating apps, to encourage condom use, the most effective way of preventing HIV and STI transmission, as well as offering information around HIV testing and other prevention methods.

“We’re also offering one-to-one support with our Fresh Start Programme, which provides a safe and non-judgemental environment so men can make the first steps into regaining control by exploring triggers and consequences of their drug or alcohol use.”

This new local campaign is an extension of the charity’s national Friday-Monday service, which offers advice and support, including new online group and one-to-one counselling services for gay and bisexual men in rural areas – the first of its kind.

Terrence Higgins Trust in Brighton is based at 61 Ship Street, Brighton, BN1 1AE and provides support, information and advice services for those living with or affected by HIV and promoting better sexual health for all. For more information call 012 7376 4200. The charity offers rapid testing for HIV and syphilis, which results delivered in less than 15 minutes.

If you have any questions about HIV, you can also call Terrence Higgins Trust’s free, confidential helpline THT Direct on 0808 802 1221.



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