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'The silence has finally been broken on Sex and Relationships Education'.

'The silence has finally been broken on Sex and Relationships Education'

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Our reaction to the decision to make Sex and Relationships Education compulsory in all schools.

Ian Green, Chief Executive of Terrence Higgins Trust, said: “Today, the silence has finally been broken on Sex and Relationships Education. We are grateful that the government has finally listened to all of the parents, teachers, campaigners and above all, young people, who have been calling for compulsory Sex and Relationships Education for years and who could no longer be ignored.

“With one in seven young people not receiving any Sex and Relationships Education at all, this landmark decision could potentially change young lives for generations to come. Until now, there has been nothing in place to ensure we are safeguarding all young people by discussing issues such as consent, abuse and what a healthy relationship looks like, from a young age, in a safe environment and with trained professionals.

“However, in order to fully address the sexual and mental health crisis among young people, we will need to ensure that any legislation around SRE has a strong emphasis on neglected topics such as sexual health and on LGBT relationships, in order to tackle high rates of STIs among young people and ongoing homophobia in our school corridors.

“To deliver real change for young people, the government must also ensure teachers get allocated time, resource and training to do justice to this vital subject. With the budget announcement expected next week, now is the time to invest in SRE.

“Only then can we ensure that all young people - wherever they go to school, and whatever their sexuality – are empowered to make positive and informed decisions and to have healthy relationships which they are ready for and want.”



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