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Improving your sexual health

man kissing a woman on the cheek

A healthy sex life

How to respect your partners and take responsibility for their sexual health as well as your own.

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Condoms are the most effective way to safeguard your sexual health.

a woman touching a man's chest

How to use a condom

Our tips to make condom use as easy and safe as possible.

a woman grabbing a man's back

Problems with condoms

Some people can find condoms tricky to use

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man with his arm around a naked man's body

Oral sex and HIV

Stimulating your partner's genitals with your mouth.

an African man and woman kissing

Unprotected sex and HIV

Unprotected sex is how the majority of people contract HIV and STIs.

a man's hand over a woman's hand

Microbicides and PREP

New technologies to help prevent infection.