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Nurse and patient

You may have a good relationship with your GP if you have been a member of their practice for a long time and feel comfortable talking to them about your contraception and sexual health needs.

GP practices provide contraception and an increasing number offer contraception and sexual health clinics which are sometimes ran by the Practice Nurse.

Patient confidentiality at a GP surgery

Your sexual health information will be kept confidentially alongside your other health information, but -- it's important to understand that your results will go on your main medical records that the GP practice has.

It is important to remember that if you give permission to an insurance company or mortgage provider to contact your GP regarding your health, they may receive information from you GP about your sexual health. You can request that your GP does not provide them with this information.

One advantage of going to your GP for testing is the fact that if you happen to be seen by someone you know you could be there for anything - being seen at a sexual health service is a little harder to explain.

If you have any worries about people finding out you've been tested at your GP, you can ask the practice about the measures they take to safeguard confidentiality.

Find your nearest GP here.

You can also get tested or request a home test using a private clinic ››



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