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GUM or STI clinics

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A sexual health clinic (or GUM clinic) is an NHS clinic which can provide you with advice, information, testing for STI’s and HIV, vaccinations and treatment for any infections.

Patient confidentiality

All these services are free and confidential.

None of the results will be sent to your GP unless you give your permission for this and all your personal information is stored separate to other medical records that you may have at the hospital.

Visiting a GUM clinic

Many clinics offer both walk-in services and appointments.

Whatever your needs, phone the clinic or have a look on the internet to find when it is open and when they run the service that you’re interested in, and how to access it.

At a the clinic you may be seen by a doctor or nurse who will:

  • give you advice and support before and after testing
  • help you decide upon any treatments that may be necessary
  • give you free condoms
  • provide all kinds of information about sexual health

There may be aspects of your sexual health that you haven’t considered before and the clinic will be able to help you.

Find out more about visiting a GUM.

If you go to your local contraception/family planning clinic many of these now provide:

  • HIV testing
  • testing for STIs
  • contraceptives such as the pill, condoms and implants

Find your nearest GUM clinic.

Specialist HIV clinics

Often hospitals in larger towns and cities will have a specialist HIV clinic where people living with HIV can go for their medical care and treatment. In smaller hospitals the HIV clinic is often part of the main sexual health clinic.

At these clinics people living with HIV will be able to:

  • get all their medicines
  • see a doctor or nurse
  • access specialist services for people with HIV

If you are diagnosed with HIV you will be referred to a specialist clinic to ensure that you receive the appropriate care and treatment and stay fit and well.

You can find your nearest HIV clinic from our Service finder or read more about sexual health services provided by Terrence Higgins Trust ››



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