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Male sexual organs

Male sex organs in pants

Understanding male sexual organs.

male sex organs

Bladder - This is where urine is stored.

Ejaculatory duct - This is where semen is released from the body (known as ejaculation).

Epididymis - This is where sperm are stored after they are produced by the testicles.

Foreskin - The piece of skin which covers the penis - circumcised men will have had their foreskin removed.

Frenulum - A piece of skin which joins the penis to the foreskin.

Glans - The bell-shaped end of the penis which is full of nerve endings. When stimulated the glans produces sexual pleasure.

Penis - This is the male sexual organ. A man urinates from his penis, it also becomes stiff when he is sexually aroused (called an erection) enabling him to have sex. When he ejaculates, semen is released from his penis.

Prostate gland - This is a walnut-sized gland which produces a fluid that helps make up the semen. Some men enjoy having their prostate stimulated during sex

Scrotum - The sack of skin which contains the testicles.

Seminal vesicle - These produce some of the fluid that makes up the semen.

Sperm – these are the male sex cells – the equivalent of a woman’s egg.

Semen – this is the fluid which carries the sperm.

Testicles - These are glands which produce sperm as well as producing the hormone testosterone.

Urethral opening - This is a tube through which both urine and semen travel. When a man ejaculates the semen leaves the penis via the urethra.

Vas Deferens - The tube which takes sperm from the testicles to the penis.

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