Glasgow Fastest Clinic

91 Mitchell Street
G1 3LN
United Kingdom


HIV testing


We offer rapid HIV tests that deliver results in up to 20 minutes.

Our tests are open to anyone on a walk-in basis. We also offer tests through outreach in the local community.

STI testing


We can test on a walk-in basis for the following sexually transmitted infections (STIs):

You will receive your results in five to seven days.

We also offer these tests through outreach in the local community.

Sexual health information and advice


We offer a range of information and advice, including:

  • hate crime
  • sexuality
  • STIs
  • contraception
  • safe sex
  • referrals and signposting into other local services.

Further information


We also offer free condoms, lube and some written resources for walk-ins and in the local community.