Stoke Mandeville Outreach Clinic


To contact this clinic, call 0300 303 2880.


Our clinic offers full sexual health screening and HIV testing, plus contraception.

This clinic only accepts appointments by telephone. Please do not try to book over email.

HIV testing


We offer rapid 'INSTI' tests for HIV, where your result is available immediately.

STI testing


We offer a full sexual health screen, testing for:

We also offer treatment for simple warts, chlamydia, TV, BV, candida and herpes.

Sexual health advice and information


We offer a range of general sexual health advice, incorporating RUReady principles with young clients.

Further information


We offer all methods of contraception including LARC, but excluding IUD.

Check our service finder for all our clinics in the Buckinghamshire area, delivered in association with bSHaW.

Care Quality Commission

Contact us


To book an appointment, please call 0300 303 2880.

Please do not use the form below to make appointments. If you do, you will be asked to phone the clinic.