Please note that attendance is by appointment only.

HIV testing


For HIV testing, please visit the Singleton Clinic by appointment only or order a free test online from Sexual Health Wales.

Counselling for people living with HIV


Our counselling service supports people who are living with HIV to explore what it means to them – from diagnosis, to relationships, to medication adherence, to starting a family, to living with other illnesses, and everything in between.

Our counsellor aims to provide you with a safe space, without judgement, where you can learn to deal with your HIV and to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Our counselling service also offers people an opportunity to work toward understanding themselves in terms of their sexual identity, gender identity, and dealing with chemsex issues.

Please note that counselling is by appointment only. To discuss whether counselling is right for you and to make an appointment only, please email [email protected].

Further information


For additional support, please contact our free THT Direct helpline.