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Join Stephen Fry's Friends

stephen fry

'I would be thrilled to welcome you with open arms into my circle of "friends" – and you will, after all, be in the most magnificent company'

Friends for Life is an exclusive group of our most generous and influential supporters who lend their support to Terrence Higgins Trust to help us continue our vital work to support and empower people living with HIV and sexual health issues.

The Friends for Life programme is headed up by Stephen Fry, its dedicated and passionate President.

Find out more about how to join the Friends for Life programme and what you will receive in return for your support. 

A personal message from Stephen Fry:

Mostly in life, friendship is acquired through mutual interests, outlook, sense of humour and taste in music, films and art, or shared experiences at school or work; that sort of thing. Thus do friendships burgeon, blossom and bear fruit.

With Terrence Higgins, it’s rather different: we’re like a brothel. Friendship is for sale. You show us the colour of your money, we show you a good time deary!

None of our lives is entirely satisfactory. For all the success and achievement we have between us, most of us - such is the human condition - are dissatisfied with ourselves. But we can be united in one genuine satisfaction, that of being a real help and real service to the best run, most loving, professional and far-sighted charity I know: Terrence Higgins Trust.

There is not much point in success, riches, celebrity or public admiration. They ring hollow in our ears, because inside we judge ourselves not by our ability to get a table at the Ivy or make the pages of Heat magazine; we judge ourselves by our ability to make a difference.

As we try and drop off at night, as we stare out of the window of a taxi and wonder what the point of it all is.... Well, this is the point. By being a Friend for Life; by being a supporter of Terrence Higgins Trust; by making a difference to all those lives shattered by HIV; we make a difference to our lives too.

Friends and Associates are none but the most talented, prosperous, physically attractive, amusing, sexually charismatic, generous and brilliant people in Britain; culled from business, finance, the professions, entertainment, the arts and high society. I would be thrilled to welcome you with open arms into my circle of "friends" – and you will, after all, be in the most magnificent company.

Thank you.
With my love

Stephen Fry
President of Friends for Life

Become a Friend or Associate Friend for Life

We ask Friends for Life for an annual gift of £5,000 or more. 

We ask Associate Friends for Life for an annual gift of between £1,000 and £5,000.

You can make payments by cheque, debit/credit card or spread over 12 months by direct debit.

Friends for Life benefits

  • Personal updates keeping you informed of our work and the latest developments at Terrence Higgins Trust (in particular through bi-annual Friends for Life Newsletters).
  • The opportunity to get closer to our work through project visits and/or volunteering.
  • An invitation to attend the annual Friends Dinner, hosted by Friends for Life President Stephen Fry, to renew your commitment while enjoying a fabulous night out. 
  • Invitations to other exciting events including The Supper Club and The Auction (for which Friends for Life receive two complimentary tickets).

How to join

To become a Friend for Life or an Associate Friend for Life or for further information, please contact the Friends team at friends@tht.org.uk or on 020 7812 1663.


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