As part of delivering the current version of our charity's website, we made a number of changes to user accounts and the services we offered that had previously been branded 'myHIV'.

Our old site had been online for many years and so had lots of user accounts for people who were successfully supported by us in previous years and no longer need our services. Rather than migrate accounts that are no longer needed to the new website, and to ensure we are complying fully with new data protection laws, we are asking users who wish to continue using online services such as counselling to register a new account.

Accounts on our old site are now closed and the data is no longer accessible online.

If you had an account on the old site

We emailed users of the old myHIV site in May 2018 to let them know about these changes. In that email, we offered to provide personal tracking data for CD4 count/viral load to users who had used this feature of our old website.

We can supply this in an Excel file to former myHIV users who email at us [email protected] from the address associated with their myHIV website account.

We planned to delete this data on 31 August 2018. In light of the fact that some requests have continued to arrive from people who did not see the original email, we have decided to extend this deadline to give more people the chance to retrieve their data.

While the data is stored securely, we do need to balance providing historic data with protecting the privacy and security of users so the data will now be permanently deleted on 11 January 2019. We will be unable to supply any user data from our old website after this date.

myHIV community forum

Our myHIV community forum remains active and unaffected by these changes. You can find it at, where it remains open to anyone living with HIV.